Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lucas is walking!

Lucas is now 11 months old! Well, the little guy is just growing up faster than a weed, and he decided to start walking last week. It's been a work in progress for sure. First it was a step or two before falling over. In his excitedness and eagerness, he would get bouncy and lose his balance when leaning forward too much. I think he was ready to run before walking! This week he has made definite progress - walking halfway across the living room, from couch to music table, and all around his daycare classroom. I can't believe just a year ago I was still anticipating his arrival. And his 1-year birthday is just around the corner. My how time flies!

My sister visited from Seattle last week and my parents came up for the weekend. We had a good time driving up to north Georgia to taste some fried apple pies, photograph Lucas in a pumpkin patch, and make a short visit to the base of Amicalola Falls. Happy Fall, everyone!