Monday, November 8, 2010

Due Date

Well, it's my due date and baby has decided to continue to hibernate. I had an appointment this morning and not much is happening. Baby is in position and snug as a bug in a rug. I don't blame it since it's been freezing outside each evening. Maybe it's waiting for it to warm up a bit? I'm back for a check-up on Friday, unless things progress between now and then. Meanwhile, we are about 1/2 way done painting the nursery, and hopefully once that is done we can get all the furniture in place. Maybe Baby B know's it's bed isn't put together yet and Mom and Dad need a little more time? Otherwise, I'm feeling fine minus a little allergies and getting lots of naps in while I can. Sesha has been a real snuggler with me on the recliner in the living room. Boy is she in for a big surprise soon!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sesha's progress

As I was being attacked on while using the computer this morning, I finally thought to take another photo of Sesha in comparison to the computer mousie like I took when I first got her. It's been about 5 months now, and she's about 6.5 months old. I guess since I see her every day, it doesn't seem like she's grown that much, but looking at the photos, I can definitely tell! These days, she still has her manic, crazy kitten moments, and then the definite crashes where she's sleepy, lovey, and cuddly. Most evenings, she likes to climb up onto our chests (or belly) for a long evening nap while we're watching TV on the sofa. Thoth still tolerates her - he's such a softie that she usually gets her way, whether it's a food bowl (there's 2, but somehow the one he's eating out of is always the one she wants), an open windowsill, or a spot on a piece of furniture. She still attacks his tail, jumps on his head, and wants to play with him a lot, but he's a good sport and still enjoys alone time with us when she's preoccupied or crashed out in one of her deep sleep catnaps.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I enjoyed a little movie night at the Picture Show (discount theater in Marietta) w/DH tonight - Eat Pray Love. It was better than I expected, and I had to laugh when the following line was presented - how timely! Too late to back out now...

"Having a baby is like getting a tattoo on your face. You really need to be certain it's what you want before you commit."
Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

I think I might have to read the book now. Add it to my long reading list, after all the ones on pregnancy, newborns, and toddlers...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Eggplant Parmigiana

Heather, Jennifer, and I headed to Scalini's Italian Restaurant this evening to partake of their famous Eggplant Parmigiana - said to induce labor within 48 hours. (Well, Heather doesn't like eggplant, so she opted for chicken parmesan instead.) I had actually never tried the EP before, and thought it was rather tasty. The eggplant is sliced, breaded, fried, then baked with the cheeses and sauce. We also got a side of spaghetti with (I chose meat) sauce. Of course, there was also endless salad and the famous garlic rolls. We topped it all off with dessert (spumoni for me and DH) and made sure to take our photo with the baby wall on the way out. So, will anything happen in the next 48 hours? I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Monday, October 25, 2010

38 weeks

Well, it's my last week of work for awhile. Although I know it's going to be plenty of long hours at home, I'm still looking forward to it! The spackling of walls in the nursery was finished this weekend, so we just have to paint the upper half, then the furniture moving can be completed. Hopefully the baby will allow me to get things finished up at home next week during my week off before my due date.

I attended my friend Heather's baby shower last weekend - here's an updated shot of the three of us. Heather's about 38 weeks here, and Jennifer and I are about 37 weeks:

We're plannning a "baby eviction party" sometime in the next week to partake of Scalini's famous eggplant parmesan - reported to induce labor. We'll see if it really works. Other than the usual discomfort finding a comfortable sleeping position, swollen hands and feet, a little pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome, and some minor aches and pains, I can't really complain!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby B's Shower and Update

I was the recipient of a wonderful baby shower for Baby B on October 3rd, thanks to our terrific friends Melissa Jo & Sam Feuer and Jennifer Geist. The food was fantastic and the gifts were more than generous. Baby B is so lucky to have such great mentor mommies to help me along the way! Thanks everyone!

I had my 36-week appointment today (a little later in the week than my normal appt, as I will be 37 weeks on Monday) and everything looks good. I've been feeling hiccups on the upper left side and kicks on the upper right side, and the doctor confirmed that the baby's back is on the left, feet at the upper right, and head down, which is great! I also have good iron levels now and got my wonderful flu shot. So everything's a go - we just wait!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Surrey with the fringe on top

Okay, so maybe there's not actually fringe, but I was very excited to receive our infant car seat and stroller frame from my wonderful coworkers at work last Friday. We had one of our Beer Fridays at the end of the day, and I got an impromptu shower from my fellow architects - what a nice surprise. DH was a cohort in the operation, so I have to thank him too. I finally got it out of the box, so here's pictures of the whole thing put together, complete with CAT scan...
I have to say, the Graco Snug Rider stroller frame was literally a *snap* to put together - the wheels and frame all snapped together right out of the box, no tools needed, with little spring-loaded tabs that locked the pieces together. Also, the one-hand operation is great too - you engage the thumb trigger and twist the handle, and *voila* the frame will collapse. We decided to go with this combo due the lightness of the frame (12 lbs, sans car seat and baby) compared to many of the heavier stroller systems out there. I'm probably the one who will be lifting this thing in and out of the trunk a lot, so weight was definitely a big factor for me. When the baby gets to be about 6 months or so where he/she can sit up, we can upgrade to a lightweight, upright stroller. Can't wait to be able to put our new wheels to use! 8 weeks and counting...

Friday, September 3, 2010

30 weeks and counting

I've made it through 30 weeks and things are going well. This week, the baby has been wiggling around quite a bit. A little different-feeling than the occasional poke or punch or kick I was getting before. Now it's more or a rolling or internal wiggling feeling - what is baby doing in there? I can also definitely feel hard spots or a bony spot - maybe the head/rear vs. a fist or foot? It's hard to tell. My biggest symptom this last week has been swollen hands and feet. I am hoping the cooler weather coming our way soon will help relieve this! Plus I am looking forward to fall in general, as it's one of my favorite seasons.

My friend Val has her first of many fall art festivals starting this weekend - check out her website, PenguinArts. I designed her penguin logo - isn't it adorable? Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby B Baby Pool - Let the Games Begin!

Two posts in one day? Unheard of!

Actually, I've been meaning to set this up for awhile - enter our baby pool and take your guess at Baby B's gender, weight, length, and birthday! Prizes to be determined - I'll update that on this page when we've decided. Have fun!

Enter the BabyBachmann1 Baby Pool!

Month 7

My friends Heather (due Nov 2), Jennifer (due Nov 7) and me (due Nov 8), 8/13/10.

I just realized I haven't updated in awhile. I've been on Facebook too much, I suppose!

Well, I've made to to my third trimester. I'm about 29.5 weeks at this point, with only 10.5 weeks left to go, plus or minus. It's been a pretty uneventful pregnancy so far. My worst symptom to date has to be these swelling feet of mine over the last week or so. Back pain has not been bad, occasionally I get arms and legs that fall asleep, and I'm having to take iron for anemia. I didn't pass my first, 1-hour glucose test last Monday, so I had to go back and take the 3-hour glucose test this past Monday. Thankfully I passed this time, so no gestational diabetes. What a relief. DH and I took a breastfeeding class at the hospital several weeks ago, and we're signed up for a childbirth class in a few weeks. Some friends are working on throwing a baby shower for us at the beginning of October, so we're working on the registry at Babies"R"Us and There are so many baby products to research! I've been having a ball going to the fall baby consignment sales here around town. I've been able to get many little outfits (unisex, yellow, green, or neutral colors), like overalls and onesies for dirt cheap. Of course, there's still room for the pink and blue outfits later!

Sesha the kitten is getting bigger every day. She and Thoth get along better for the most part, although the part where she wants to play all the time doesn't always please him. He's a good sport and will tumble around a bit with her, but then gets tired of it quickly and tries to get away from her. He does make some funny growling sounds at her at this point, but she doesn't seem to deterred by them.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Great Expectations!

DH and I are so happy to share that we're expecting a little bundle of joy on November 8th! We are very excited and a little overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done in the next 4 months, but I am sure we will manage just like everybody else does. The 20-week ultrasound looked great. It was so neat to be able to see baby's head, eyes, spine, chambers of the heart, kidneys, hands and feet. We were so glad to see that all looked well with our little peanut.

To answer some of the typical questions... I have been feeling great and was very blessed to be free of any morning sickness (far from what I expected!). I'm about 22 weeks along now, and have been feeling baby moving around maybe the last week or so - particularly in the last two days I have been feeling actually pokes, and DH felt one today! Maybe a little hand or foot? We are not going to find out if it is a boy or girl - waiting for a surprise, and making two lists of names. Our new kitten has been good mommy and daddy practice for us - she has unending energy and has trained us to be watchful and up at all times of night. I think architecture school was probably good training for me too - good to get a refresher on being up all hours of the night again. Otherwise, things have been pretty uneventful, but I'll try to make note of any interesting happenings.

As for our holiday weekend, we enjoyed the Marietta fireworks with some friends last night, and then early this morning, DH ran his 9th Peachtree Road Race. The weather was perfect for the run, and SIL and I had an enjoyable time watching the race for DH to come by my usual spectating spot at Colony Square. Happy Independence Day, and thanks to all the men and women in our armed forces who protect our freedom each and every day!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Fur Baby!

We've added a new fur baby addition to the Bachmann household! Here she is, yet to be named. A friend had a stray cat have her litter in their garage, so being the softies that we are, of course we had to take one in. (In fact, if you're in the Atlanta area, there are 2 more calico kittens available - let me know if you're interested!) Although DH and I had already been talking about getting Thoth a "sibling" at some point too, so the timing just seemed to work out. I picked her up today, and she's in quarantine in the "master bath suite" until she's old enough to get all of her testing done. Thoth did get to see her several times today from a distance, and seemed interested and not too bothered by her presence. She appears so far to be fearless, spunky, vocal, cuddly, and a loud purr-er. Hopefully the transition from a 1-cat to 2-cat household will be smooth. Name suggestions and kitten advice welcome!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond!

DH and I headed down to Titusville, Florida last Thursday to meet up with some family and friends and to witness the final mission launch of the space shuttle, Atlantis. We staked out a spot along the river east of Titusville at Parrish Park around 10 am on Friday. There was a small beach along the north side of the road, so we were armed with chairs, a pop-up tent (thank goodness, because it was sunny!), sand toys for my bonus niece (3 yo), and picnic food. There was quite a crowd as the morning wore on, and by lunchtime, you'd a thought it was Gameday! RVs, surfers, families, retired folks, students, people with dogs, were all out and waiting to watch the launch. I've been crazy busy with deadlines since coming back to work this week (among other things going on too), and so I haven't had a chance to go through all the photos yet, but here's one at liftoff. The launch was pretty much on time, around 2:20 pm, and I was glad I had thought to bring a little radio (and batteries!) so that we could listen to the AM station with the countdown. The skies were clear so we had a great view of liftoff, the arch of the shuttle, the contrail into infinity, and the rocket boosters falling. What a fantastic experience!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Birthday Cake

I must say, I think I had one of the best birthday cakes ever (okay, maybe runner-up to the Pac-Man cake I had once in elementary school...). My birthday was last Friday. DH surprised me and my birthday crew with fabulous cake from Brazilian Bakery. BB is a local place, just across the street from our neighborhood Publix. They have very tasty fried meat pies and pastries, and also very yummy desserts, which we have only made a small dent in the long counter-full of goodies. This cake was layers of yellow cake with an inner layer of a delicious cream filling, whipped cream icing, meringue crunchies on the sides, and strawberries on top. Moist, tasty, and to quote my friend Tim, "stupid." (As in, that's stupid good!) YUM! Thanks, Honey!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter weekend

We had a nice trip to Alabama visiting family and friends over Easter weekend. Our Civic also rolled over 50,000 miles, ironically just outside of Talladega. On our drive over Friday night, we made a quick stop for dinner in Birmingham specifically to visit an old GT favorite that has now moved to Vestavia Hills, Kool Korner Sandwiches. Kool Korner was an old Tech standby on 14th Street for the best pressed Cuban sandwiches in town, until a few years ago when Mr. Ramirez was convinced by his son to move to Birmingham and retire with his family. Well, that lasted 2 weeks. When we walked into the store, Mr. Ramirez had just left, but his son was there and called him to tell him that 2 visitors from Atlanta were there. Well, he turned around and came back just to visit with us, and that was very touching. There also turned out to be a late dinner rush, so he hopped back behind the counter to help out after visiting with us for a few minutes. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal, along with a new guava turnover that we were treated to, and I intend to make it part of our trip to Alabama whenever possible!

The new Kool Korner storefront in Vestavia Hills:

DH enjoys his first bites, including plantain chips, of course:

Enjoying my Cuban:

Mr. Ramirez behind the counter:

DH and I also celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this Tuesday, 4/2/10. Happy Anniversary, Honey! I love you!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


A friend of a friend lent me an old AF Micro Nikkor 60mm 1:2.8 D lens last weekend to play around with. It's been interesting playing around with it, since I am so used to using my 18-200mm VR lens. I've been using it on manual focus, even though it is AF, because it does get a little squirrely with the body sometimes. A couple of fun shots that I've taken:
My kitty buddy, Thoth

Thoth's pentapus (only 5 legs) toy

My friend Val's kitty buddy, Sherman

Kitty buddy looking out the window

Wheatgrass and blue bottle in the kitchen window

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sleep is good

I've been getting over a sinus cold for about the last two weeks now, so not much to report. Along with the typical OTC meds, I've been trying to take my vitamins, eats lots of veggies, drink lots of water, and of course, get in LOTS of sleep. Which made me think of a small, but important change to my sleeping habits these last few months. I was on a random trip to IKEA where I probably came out with nothing I planned to buy, yet found other things that I needed while I was there. One of those items was a contoured foam pillow. I'm a side and back sleeper, and for some time was waking up with my arms behind my head (for neck support in my sleep, I suppose), or with back pains after sleeping more than 7 hours. I saw this pillow, and decided to give it a try. Well, after about a week of getting used to sleeping on it, I've had much better sleep since using it, and highly recommend it for you side/back sleepers out there. Now to get DH one for sleeping on his belly...

In other news, I've managed to make it to two major concerts in the last two months, which is probably a record for me. We went to see Silversun Pickups and Muse on 2/27, and They Might Be Giants this past Friday, 3/5. Both excellent shows!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Small Flash Class

I took a fun Small Flash Crash Course this past Sunday with instructor Michael Schwarz, who is a professional photographer, digital photography consultant, and teaches for the Nikon School. I was a little intimidated going into the class, worried that everyone was going to know so much more than me, etc., but I went with a friend (thanks, Adam!) and found that everyone there was just as eager to learn and share what they have learned. The class took place at Professional Photographic Resources (PPR), which rental all kinds of professional camera equipment and has a studios for rent. (Incidentally, I hear that it's also a great place to rent camera lenses if you want to try one out, even for amateurs like me.) We mostly used Studio 1, complete with a huge, white, coved cyclorama wall and floor. The studio is so large, you can even drive in and photograph a car! We also took about 2 shots outside during the course of our 1-day class. I learned a lot about using the SB-800 in a studio setting, and I hope one day I might be able to get even a small bit of the equipment I would need to re-create shots like these! Many thanks to our model, Marc, who put up with our jokes about him blinking (we were constantly using flashes in his face *all day*) and put on a great face for the "paparazzi"! Here are some of my better shots from the class:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

San Francisco Recap

We did so much in San Francisco, I decided to create a list rather than paragraphs. Naturally, being part of an Asian family, a lot of our visit centered around food. Here's what we got done on the laundry list. (You might want to loosen your belt a bit...)

Wed Feb 3:
  • First significantly delayed flight (ever), due to a loose sheet metal flap at back of plane that did not have anything behind it for fasteners to attach to - happy to get on a new plane that would stay in the air, even though it put us back about 3 hours. Still beat parents to OAK.
  • After arriving at OAK, got the rental car and headed to downtown Oakland for a snack while waiting on parents to arrive - Ying Kee Noodle House = lots of food for little $!
  • Made it to San Jose for the night - stayed with Aunt Sophy and Uncle Chi-Yin for a few days.

Thurs Feb 4:

  • Visited the Intel Museum in Santa Clara. Had fun getting a personlized tour following a bunch of school kids on a field trip. Didn't know friend Kent worked on the 6th floor, but no matter since we met up with him and Mandy for lunch on Fri.
  • Lunch with bonus sister Erin and her friend at Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant in downtown SF - mock chicken was great! Followed up with a walk through the drizzle around Union Square and San Francisco Centre on a search for coffee/gelato/crepes. Found it at Melt - lycee gelato was delicious!
  • Took scenic/long way back to SJ after dropping Erin off in Hayward - stuffed pizza dinner waiting when we got back.

Fri Feb 5:

  • Dim Sum (#1) at Hong Kong Saigon Harbor Restaurant in Sunnyvale with the family and friends Mandy and Kent from GT. My aunt warned that we had to get there right at 11 AM, or we wouldn't get a table - she was right! By the time we sat down and had a few bites, the place was packed, including a line out front by the time we left!
  • Visited the Computer History Museum in Mountain View - exhibits were getting reworked there, so not much on exhibit, except for the amazing Babbage Differential Engine No. 2 - the second one built in the world by a Microsoft exec., to Charles Babbage's exact drawings, except his house can't hold the weight of the machine right now, so it's on indefinite loan to the museum. The docents ran the machines, showed us how it worked, how it was put together. Incredible!
  • Quick dress change and we were on the way to R&G Lounge in SF Chinatown for the Rehearsal Dinner. Sis was flying into SFO, and since the wedding rehearsal ran a little late, made it via BART just in time for dinner. Shark Fin Soup, Salt and Pepper Crab, Peking Duck, Mock Abalone (mushrooms) with Greens, Beef and Scallops, Roasted Chicken with Shrimp Chips, Honey Prawns with Walnuts, Steamed Whole Sea Bass, and to finish it all off, Red Bean Soup with Tapioca - the best I've ever had! (This is only the beginning, folks!)
  • Post-dinner ice cream gathering at Fenton's Creamery. Oh my goodness, talk about some serious ice cream sundaes! Sis, D and I shared the black and tan sundae, and it's a good thing because it was gigantic! I am in love with their toasted almond ice cream. Fenton's also made a cameo appearance in the animated movie Up - check out the scene near the end!

Sat Feb 6:

  • Dim Sum (#2) at Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant in San Jose with family and some other relatives. Pretty good, but DS#1 was still better.
  • By the time we finished Dim Sum, it was already time to head over to the First Chinese Baptist Church in SF Chinatown for the wedding.
  • Saw the wedding party heading into the streets of Chinatown for some pre-wedding photos on our way to the church - I got a couple good shots. The wedding was beautiful - the sanctuary was a unique, square layout with sunken seating, and then steps back up to the altar area- - very intimate. The reception was at the Bancroft Hotel in Berkeley, in a space that reminded me of a large, cozy library/study complete with huge fireplace. Dinner was Spanish paella, complete with cheese and bread platter, olives, and sangria. Dessert was coconut wedding cake and 4 other types of flavored layer cakes, all made by Ani's mom and aunt. Everything was delicious! Fun things at the reception included a wedding trivia game adminstered by Brian and Ani, a slide show of the two of them, and a "photo booth" in a corner complete with remote control so that the guests could take photos of themselves. (Can't wait to see that photo album!)

Sun Feb 7:

  • Dim Sum (#3) at South Sea Seafood Village in Sunset with family, including cousins Ging and Billy and new baby Damien, Uncle Chuck & Aunt Denise (Chuck's my mom's cousin). This was the most interesting Dim Sum place, as you ordered everything a la carte from a checklist menu (much like sushi), and they brought it to your table instead of carts around the restaurant. We also tried some specialty teas - gingseng and lychee flavored. 7.5-month-old Damien stole the show, with everyone wanting their turn to play with the baby. We visited Uncle Chuck and Aunt Denise's house in the neighborhood after lunch - what a beautiful view of San Francisco from their back deck!
  • Drive into SF for some quick sightseeing stops so my Sis could get some sights in before her flight back out. Drove down the curvy part of Lombard Street, walked along Fisherman's Wharf to see the (very few) sea lions at Pier 39, drove through North Beach/Little Italy, then headed to my Uncle Kai and Aunt Jackie's in Hercules for dinner.
  • After settling in, D, Sis and I headed out to dinner with Cousin Ian for the taco truck experience. (The "adults" were not as adventurous.) Ian has the taco truck culture down, so we put our complete trust in him, and it did not disappoint! The truck we visited was Mi Grullense, with a partner truck of same name on the other side of the parking lot. Ian said the usual truck was better, so we tried tacos from that one, and D ordered a burrito from the partner truck. Yum!
  • After tacos, we headed into the Mission district for a quick stop at Bi-Rite Creamery before taking Sis to the airport to catch her flight. Flavors we tried included salted caramel, mint chip, and coffee toffee. The salted caramel was interesting, but perfect for someone (like me) who always needs that little bit of salty after sweet.
Mon Feb 8:
  • Outing to Muir Woods to see the big redwoods (and apparently the banana slugs were on the move, according to signs at the entrance to the park). The trees were so peaceful and majestic - amazing nature.
  • We headed to see the Jelly Belly Factory, but needed lunch on the way. Luckily we spotted (the only) In-N-Out Burger (in Marin County) off the interstate, so we made a stop so that D could experience his first "double double, animal style." I enjoyed my cheeseburger and strawberry shake.
  • Jelly Belly Factory Tour was interesting - I learned more about jelly beans than I ever knew (not that I started off knowing much about how they are made). Got our free samples, then headed back to Oakland for dinner.
  • We got into Oakland earlier than anticipated, so we had some time to spare before dinner. Perfect for a quick stop at the Cathedral of Christ the Light, which my uncle had suggested. The Cathedral was very modern on the inside, with its signature horizontal fins to let in natural light all along the exterior walls. The space was inspiring, even on a cloudy, rainy evening.
  • Dinner was at Binh Minh Quan Vietnamese Restaurant in Oakland - whole roasted catfish, beef salad (like carpaccio), fish soup, frog legs (yes I tried a bite, yes tastes like chicken), and another stir-fried beef dish. All good.
Tues Feb 9:
  • Headed to San Mateo area for the day to meet up with my high school friend Wendy. Had lunch at a GREAT Mongolian hot pot restaurant, Little Sheep, in downtown San Mateo. We got the half spicy, half original broth and all kinds of meat and veggies to cook in it. It really hit the spot on a cool but sunny day. We walked down to a little Taiwanese restaurant, China Bee, for jelly tea afterwards.
  • Wendy had to get on a conference call in her car (a mobile working day) for a bit, so we found the San Mateo Japanese Tea Garden while she did that. Then we all headed to Half Moon Bay State Beach to see the ocean and enjoy the sunny weather (we were expecting it to rain, but it didn't after all!). We got some gorgeous pictures, stopped in downtown Half Moon Bay for some coffee and dessert.
  • We headed back to El Cerrito to meet up with our family for one last dinner at Jac's Asian Bistro. Talk about Hong-Kong style Cantonese comfort food! All of the usual suspects, hot soup, chow fun, salt and pepper fried short ribs (YUM!), egg pancake, fried rice hot pots, oh it was all so good. It was such a great way to end our trip.
General notes:
  • Thank goodness for our TomTom - although it didn't always pronounce the names right (Spanish names esp., e.g. "San Hwah-zay" for "San Jose"), it got us where we needed to go.
  • Time to get back to the gym - just in time for Lent!
  • I love my family - got to visit both mom's side and dad's side and had a great time seeing them all. Such a blessing!
  • There's still so much to see (and eat) - guess we'll have to save some for next time.
  • Speaking of that, when are we going again?? :)
My photo albums:

SanFran Part 1

SanFran Part 2


It's been a crazy but fun two weeks, with no time to blog! I'll start by saying that I'm working on my San Francisco trip recap, but wanted to go ahead and record what I've been up to.

We were in San Francisco Feb 3-10 for a family wedding and sightseeing. My cousin Brian got married in a beautiful, intimate ceremony, and we welcome Ani and her family into ours! We ate a lot of food (see recap to come), visited a lot of family, and did I mention food yet?? Needless to say, I must have gained a couple pounds, and with today being Fat Tuesday, be assured that I'll be taking on (regular) exercise for Lent. We got back from our trip, I went back to work for half a week, then Chinese New Year/Valentine's Day weekend was here. Sis-in-law and future Bro-in-law, as well as MIL and stepFIL came into town to celebrate with us. Royal China Dim Sum was good, but I have to say after 3 really fabulous Dim Sum outings in San Francisco in the last week, this one just didn't compare. But Happy Year of the Tiger/Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I hope you get some pancakes for dinner tonight...laissez les bon temps rouler!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dress shopping

I'm just going to take a few sentences to complain to the cyber-world about the lack of pretty dresses in stores these last few months. I had the worst time trying to find a party dress back in November/December, and now that a have a wedding or two ahead of me this year, I'm once again trudging store after store trying to find something that is not (necessarily) a) a solid color b) shiny satin c) empire-waisted/bohemian d) ugly print or e) a cheap material that does not drape well (read: clingy and wrinkly). Oh yeah, and I forgot f) black! Perhaps I am looking in all the wrong places. But it's been a trial finding something to wear to a nice afternoon wedding. After about a week of on and off shopping, I have finally found 3 acceptable things to wear. Now to decide which to go with... here's a swatch of each without giving away the whole outfit...what's your vote? :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy (Belated) New Year!

Belated Christmas with my family.

Winter walk along the Augusta Canal.

My sis and me at the Augusta Canal.

Wow! I just realized it's been almost a month since I posted!

We had a quiet Christmas at home before heading to my parents' house for a belated Christmas/New Year's get together while my sister was able to fly in. We celebrated the new year at my parents' Chinese Association in Augusta. The evening consisted of board games, karaoke, line-dancing (mostly by the older adults), playing with the kids, and culminated in a countdown, balloon-drop at midnight (which we helped to rig the night before), and Dim Sum goodies after midnight. All in all a good evening.

Happy New Year!

After New Year's, we headed to Charlotte to visit with SIL and got some big news - SIL got engaged on New Year's Eve! (Congratulations, J & S!) So we were very excited to be able to visit with her and FBIL for the weekend. We got treated to some delicious, homecooked, vegetarian meals by FBIL, and had a good time hanging out.

Back to reality, work has been busy and full of deadlines, but that is a good thing. We are looking forward to heading out to SFO for my cousin's wedding in early February. Any suggestions for things to do, places to eat, etc. are welcomed!