Thursday, August 26, 2010

Month 7

My friends Heather (due Nov 2), Jennifer (due Nov 7) and me (due Nov 8), 8/13/10.

I just realized I haven't updated in awhile. I've been on Facebook too much, I suppose!

Well, I've made to to my third trimester. I'm about 29.5 weeks at this point, with only 10.5 weeks left to go, plus or minus. It's been a pretty uneventful pregnancy so far. My worst symptom to date has to be these swelling feet of mine over the last week or so. Back pain has not been bad, occasionally I get arms and legs that fall asleep, and I'm having to take iron for anemia. I didn't pass my first, 1-hour glucose test last Monday, so I had to go back and take the 3-hour glucose test this past Monday. Thankfully I passed this time, so no gestational diabetes. What a relief. DH and I took a breastfeeding class at the hospital several weeks ago, and we're signed up for a childbirth class in a few weeks. Some friends are working on throwing a baby shower for us at the beginning of October, so we're working on the registry at Babies"R"Us and There are so many baby products to research! I've been having a ball going to the fall baby consignment sales here around town. I've been able to get many little outfits (unisex, yellow, green, or neutral colors), like overalls and onesies for dirt cheap. Of course, there's still room for the pink and blue outfits later!

Sesha the kitten is getting bigger every day. She and Thoth get along better for the most part, although the part where she wants to play all the time doesn't always please him. He's a good sport and will tumble around a bit with her, but then gets tired of it quickly and tries to get away from her. He does make some funny growling sounds at her at this point, but she doesn't seem to deterred by them.

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