Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Surrey with the fringe on top

Okay, so maybe there's not actually fringe, but I was very excited to receive our infant car seat and stroller frame from my wonderful coworkers at work last Friday. We had one of our Beer Fridays at the end of the day, and I got an impromptu shower from my fellow architects - what a nice surprise. DH was a cohort in the operation, so I have to thank him too. I finally got it out of the box, so here's pictures of the whole thing put together, complete with CAT scan...
I have to say, the Graco Snug Rider stroller frame was literally a *snap* to put together - the wheels and frame all snapped together right out of the box, no tools needed, with little spring-loaded tabs that locked the pieces together. Also, the one-hand operation is great too - you engage the thumb trigger and twist the handle, and *voila* the frame will collapse. We decided to go with this combo due the lightness of the frame (12 lbs, sans car seat and baby) compared to many of the heavier stroller systems out there. I'm probably the one who will be lifting this thing in and out of the trunk a lot, so weight was definitely a big factor for me. When the baby gets to be about 6 months or so where he/she can sit up, we can upgrade to a lightweight, upright stroller. Can't wait to be able to put our new wheels to use! 8 weeks and counting...

Friday, September 3, 2010

30 weeks and counting

I've made it through 30 weeks and things are going well. This week, the baby has been wiggling around quite a bit. A little different-feeling than the occasional poke or punch or kick I was getting before. Now it's more or a rolling or internal wiggling feeling - what is baby doing in there? I can also definitely feel hard spots or a bony spot - maybe the head/rear vs. a fist or foot? It's hard to tell. My biggest symptom this last week has been swollen hands and feet. I am hoping the cooler weather coming our way soon will help relieve this! Plus I am looking forward to fall in general, as it's one of my favorite seasons.

My friend Val has her first of many fall art festivals starting this weekend - check out her website, PenguinArts. I designed her penguin logo - isn't it adorable? Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!