Friday, September 3, 2010

30 weeks and counting

I've made it through 30 weeks and things are going well. This week, the baby has been wiggling around quite a bit. A little different-feeling than the occasional poke or punch or kick I was getting before. Now it's more or a rolling or internal wiggling feeling - what is baby doing in there? I can also definitely feel hard spots or a bony spot - maybe the head/rear vs. a fist or foot? It's hard to tell. My biggest symptom this last week has been swollen hands and feet. I am hoping the cooler weather coming our way soon will help relieve this! Plus I am looking forward to fall in general, as it's one of my favorite seasons.

My friend Val has her first of many fall art festivals starting this weekend - check out her website, PenguinArts. I designed her penguin logo - isn't it adorable? Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!

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