Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby B's Shower and Update

I was the recipient of a wonderful baby shower for Baby B on October 3rd, thanks to our terrific friends Melissa Jo & Sam Feuer and Jennifer Geist. The food was fantastic and the gifts were more than generous. Baby B is so lucky to have such great mentor mommies to help me along the way! Thanks everyone!

I had my 36-week appointment today (a little later in the week than my normal appt, as I will be 37 weeks on Monday) and everything looks good. I've been feeling hiccups on the upper left side and kicks on the upper right side, and the doctor confirmed that the baby's back is on the left, feet at the upper right, and head down, which is great! I also have good iron levels now and got my wonderful flu shot. So everything's a go - we just wait!

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