Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dress shopping

I'm just going to take a few sentences to complain to the cyber-world about the lack of pretty dresses in stores these last few months. I had the worst time trying to find a party dress back in November/December, and now that a have a wedding or two ahead of me this year, I'm once again trudging store after store trying to find something that is not (necessarily) a) a solid color b) shiny satin c) empire-waisted/bohemian d) ugly print or e) a cheap material that does not drape well (read: clingy and wrinkly). Oh yeah, and I forgot f) black! Perhaps I am looking in all the wrong places. But it's been a trial finding something to wear to a nice afternoon wedding. After about a week of on and off shopping, I have finally found 3 acceptable things to wear. Now to decide which to go with... here's a swatch of each without giving away the whole outfit...what's your vote? :)


cyndirella107 said...

I love the peacock, but you know you have a ton of purple already. Sigh... And I agree about the dresses thing. Looking for a dress for Ben's wedding was a nightmare. Dresses in general are obviously out of style right now. Even Dress Barn only had a handful! I finally got lucky at the Kennesaw Macys on my third visit there.

AnneMarie said...

I think I like the first print, especially since you wore purple to your last wedding. The others are beautiful too though :) Hard choice!

Erin said...

I like the first one the best, but it's hard to tell without seeing the overall composition. Great fabric stitched into a terrible dress won't help any! LOL (But I also know you have good enough taste that you wouldn't pick a terrible dress just because you liked the fabric.)