Friday, June 5, 2009

Counter Service

A couple of shots from our meal at Marietta Pizza Company this evening:
Pizzas coming out of the kitchen.

Our neighbor's pie and beer, and the beer taps beyond.

My slice and DH's stromboli - yum!
There's something to be said about sitting at a counter in a food establishment. A lot of times DH and I get a table, but every once in awhile, if a restaurant is really busy, there always seem to be two spots at the counter for us. I guess in my younger years, I remember the Aiken and Charleston Woolworth stores having a counter, but I don't think I ever ate at one. These days, my favorite counters in Atlanta are the ones at Ria's Bluebird Cafe, OK Cafe, and Marietta Pizza Company. There are also counter seats at Baraonda with great view of the pizza oven, but I haven't had the opportunity to sit there yet. Also, I am sure there are many others out there that I just haven't run across yet. (Suggestions welcome.)

When a place is really busy, we always seem to get good attention at the counter by the barkeep or whoever is running the counter. They always seem like the busiest person in the place, since they are waiting tables, pouring drinks, and working the register sometimes, but I have always had pretty snappy and attentive service. And I certainly do appreciate it!

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