Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Great Music

Once again, I had a fabulous time at Eddie's Attic last night. The shows there never cease to amaze me. The singer-songwriters I have heard there have ALWAYS been absolutely incredible. In addition to Emily Saliers and Caroline Aiken, there were seven other musicians performing in the round: Janet McLaughlin, Tomi and Trina from Three5Human, and Ty, Doris and Nate from Girlyman. Everyone but Emily was new to me. I loved all of them. It was so interesting to hear the difference between their voices and the way they played their guitars (instrument of choice for the most part). Caroline played an amazing song with a 12-string. Tomi and Trina were rockin' and soulful. Janet had some great new songs, and I just loved her low voice. The harmonies of Girlyman were outstanding and I have never heard their like before. As different as they were, you could also tell the influence of the Indigo Girls in their songs and styles. I invite you to check out everyone's music above - you can Google them all. Again, amazing show, and I just love going to Eddie's Attic!

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