Sunday, January 6, 2008

Skates, Screws, and Strawberry Pound

It's been awhile since I've ice skated, but when we went last night with a group of friends, it seemed to be a lot harder than I remembered! It took me about 2 loops around the rink and an ice-skating concept/technique review with my friend's husband (who is an avid pick-up ice hockey player) before I started feeling more comfortable. Don't get me wrong - you would still not want to lean on me by the time I got going, but I did not fall once, and for that I am quite proud. I think I was actually more concerned about the kids and wobbly adults around me either clutching at me in a last-second attempt to remain upright or downright smacking into me and taking me down with them. Neither happened fortunately. I did have a pretty good time, despite the arch on my right skate eventually causing me to retire, but I felt I got my $3 rental fee's worth out of them. DH remained on the sidelines, as he did not want to aggravate his soccer ankle injury of a few weeks ago. Smart choice.

In taking our Christmas tree to the chipper collection area yesterday, we noticed my rear right tire was flat. I investigated today and found a screw in the tire, so took it in (luckily from my days living on campus during Olympics construction, I now get the road hazard coverage on ALL my tires) and got it patched no problem for free. It did get me to do a few other maintenance things to my old girl that I have been meaning to do. She got her tires (including the spare) to the correct PSI and a new set of wipers too!

I'll end on a high note... After ice skating last night, our group headed to nearby downtown Kennesaw for a bite. Our leader had read some good reviews about Capers on Main (, so we tried it out. The food was absolutely magnificent, great service, and the desserts were to DIE for! We shared an Ahi tuna special, and for dessert DH tried the Chocolate Intemperance cake and I the toasted strawberry pound. What is a "toasted strawberry pound," you might ask? Why it is two slices of toasted pound cake, with two SLABS of vanilla ice cream between layers, and a scoop of homemade whipped cream on top. Can you say YUMMMM?!? Needless to say, we highly recommend trying the place out if you are ever in the Kennesaw area.

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