Saturday, February 9, 2008

Long week

It has been an interesting and busy week. Where to start?

Super Fat Tuesday -we woke up early to go vote before work.

Wednesday, I decided I wanted to fast for Ash Wednesday, but to tailor to my crazy and long day that I knew I was going to have, I had a cup of yogurt and a boiled egg to start my day, with only water until after the Ash Wednesday service I attended at 6 pm. It was definitely a challenge for me, since I typically eat *something* every 4-5 hours to keep me going, but I certainly appreciated food a lot more at the end of the day.

Thursday was another long day - challenging days at work with half of our team currently working in the Middle East. Doing business with a group that is 9 hours ahead of you is very interesting. I also attended the memorial service for my coworker Steve at the chapel on Dobbins Air Base near my house. He was given military honors - a 9-gun salute to his days in the Air Force, and the service was very nice. He left the chapel to Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World" (Jeremiah was a bullfrog...), so you just had to smile at the end. In that light, Wednesday was both somber and celebratory, being that it was Chinese New Year. DH and I did meet some friends for a good Chinese dinner at Canton Cooks, so that was nice.

Friday night I attended the Atlanta Opera's "Cold Sassy Tree" with my friend Cyndi. Her usual pal who she got a subscription with could not go. It was my first time in the new Cobb Energy Center, which is AO's new home this year. It was very nice on the inside. Hoping to maybe get tickets to see "The Marriage of Figaro" which will be near my birthday, so it was good to be able to scope out the seating and see where we might want to sit for that.

And today I got to sleep in for the first time this week, aside from getting up briefly at 7:30 AM to feed my pestering cat, so I thoroughly savored that. Made some butternut-potato-leek soup and now going to work for just a few hours. Hope to have tomorrow completely off and my SIL will be visiting from Charlotte.

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