Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekend Round-up

I did a little more this weekend than I thought I was going to heading into the weekend. Let's see...

Friday night, I went to dinner and bowling with some of my fellow Tau Beta Sigma alums (and 2 actives and 1 candidate). I actually bowled much better than I thought I would - 115 in the first game and 109 in the second. Usually I am really dragging in the second game and at best break 90, so I was happy with my game. I've been suffering some soreness in muscles I forgot existed the last two days, but at least I feel like I did a little exercise!

Saturday, I went with two girlfriends to the Intergalactic Bead and Gem Show at Gwinnett Center, which was fun, albeit crowded with crafty women a little more crazy about beading than me, but still interesting to see all the wares. I did make a few small purchases - some carved mother of pearl shell pendants, a few cool hollow Murano glass beads, some glass pendants with glass flowers inside, and a wooden hair pick with short rod with removable metal ball at the top so you can string on a few beads to match your outfit. Then we headed to a pre-Chinese New Year celebratory Dim Sum outing with 10 friends, which is always fun and very yummy. In fact, we called it "Yummy Yummy Dim Summy" this year in the Evite. Other than the restaurant giving away our 12-person table reservation before we got there, it was a grand time.

Sunday, we mostly hung around the house, cooked, cleaned, did laundry, and then watched the Super Bowl. I was cheering for the Giants, since there are 3 former Tech players on the team, and what do you know! They did okay!

I also started reading a book this weekend that all the Associates at work was given on Friday to read and take a test by the end of the month. It's called Now, Discover your Strengths, and it is supposed to help you find your themes of talents which will help develop your strengths. I am glad that management at work is actually proactively trying to help us Associates with career development! I finished through Chapter 3 and now I am supposed to take the online test before reading further. Maybe I'll post my results once I take the test.

And finally, I did find out Saturday morning that Steve passed out of this world on Friday evening. I continue to pray for his family, and they will be making arrangements for his memorial service tomorrow. He will be missed.

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