Monday, January 12, 2009

Beautiful Sunset and Extreme Home Makeover

In case anyone missed it today, here was the sunset. We've had so much rain and cloudy skies in Atlanta these last few weeks, it was sort of nice to have to put my sunglasses on today. Also, there's a beautiful full-ish moon out tonight too - sorry I don't have a photo.

We're in full "Operation Demo" in our downstairs room. After all the rain we got last weekend, we had another wave of water that came through from the exterior wall/crawl space behind our laundry closet. We've probably got some foundation drain/french drain issues, or some issue with the retaining wall outside. Anyone know of any good exterior waterproofing/excavation companies? (Already been through the Aqua-Guard quote, but would rather have an exterior solution rather than an interior one.) DH cleaned just about everything out from the room over the weekend (two heavy things that the two of us together can't lift remaining), plastic-wrapped the opening from the kitchen to the downstairs, plastic-wrapped the air ducts. Tomorrow, we'll start removing some drywall. And oh yeah, did I mention my in-laws will be visiting this weekend? Fun, fun...

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Erin said...

I have a similar photo of the sky from yesterday! But mine has a few things (a light pole, I think) in the foreground; yours is better! Sorry you are still having trouble with the rain. Have you checked with Trotter? I don't know if they do exterior work or not.