Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photo shoot with Thoth

Instead of talking about how I smelled gas in the house the other day, and DH got the demo guys to look at it, and they found a leak in the hot water heater and shut off the gas, and the gas company came to look at it and gave us a list of 3 things to fix before they turn the gas back on, and so we had no hot water or heat last night (not so bad, really), I thought I would entertain you with my attempt of self-portrait with cat last night...

Take 1: I'm looking at the camera. Thoth doesn't know what's going on, and he definitely didn't make it into the frame.
Take 2: Okay, I pointed the camera down a little more, got more of the cat in, but my hair fell in my face. Thoth still doesn't know what's going on.

Take 3: Thoth managed to struggle his way out of my arms and ran upstairs. Attempt to take one while he was on the bed. He knows what's going on now, and choosing not to look at the blasted flash box that mom is shoving in his face. Typical cat.

Take 4: This one got deleted. Cat was all over the place, I was laughing and had my eyes shut. Best not to share.

Take 5: DH came in to see what was going on, offered to take photo for us. Honestly, probably the best of the bunch. (Goes to show that sometimes it's just easier to ask for help.) I call this my "Wilson" portrait.

Take 5: Last attempt. Cat reluctantly obliges one last time before drinking water out of the faucet in the bathroom. He's definitely got that look - geez, are we done yet?

I'm hoping the gas situation is resolved by the time I get home from work, *fingers crossed*...


justus said...

hehehe I tried the same thing with Badger. He was really unhappy by the end of the photo shoot! (it was for head shots that we put into our thesis book that was handed out during the final reviews).

or look up justus p. in houston on yelp if the link doesnt work.

Ina said...

I love that picture of you and Badger - you should try cartooning that for your webcomic!