Sunday, February 1, 2009

We'll be coming 'round the mountain when we come

DH and I enjoyed a fun, short hike up Kennesaw Mountain yesterday. It was a beautiful day, one of the few sunny weekend days we've had in awhile. I needed a break from studying, and I've been wanting to do some hiking in the Kennesaw Mountain area. We started with the shortest hike - 1 mile up and 1 mile back down. The hike starts from the Visitor's Center, and ends up at the peak. It was steep in parts, but no steeper than other GA mountain hikes that we've been on. We got about three chances to see the Atlanta skyline on the way up. In this photo, we're at the parking lot rail near the peak that you can drive up to. (We hiked to this point, of course.) It was sort of nice to see a lot of other people hiking, too. In fact, there were no cars parked in this upper lot when we got there. Above my head is the downtown Atlanta skyline, and if you look straight up from DH's right ear, there's a mound in the distance - Stone Mountain. Just up from the upper parking lot, there are a few more stairs and a path up to take you to the actual peak. We found the U.S. Geological Survey pin, and then headed back down. I forgot to time us going up, but it took about 25 minutes for us to get back down. We enjoyed a little picnic with homemade chicken salad sandwiches, then headed home. We'll have to try one of the other trails next time.
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