Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Same old, same old

Sorry for the lack of blogging (although sometimes I don't think there's anyone reading this blog, anyway), but there has not been too much to report. DH was released from his contract at work due to lack of work, so he's been at home working on the house. It's really been a blessing in disguise, since he's been able to be there to supervise the demo, deal with the insurance adjustor, and get plumbing quotes for the drainage line that is going to need to be replaced between the house and the street. Joy. But at least I'm not having to take off from work here and there to meet people at the house for all this. So at this point, the insurance company has taken care of the demo for the most part, and given us a check for the replacement value of refinishing the den. Now we need to get the pipe fixed. Then we can put everything back. We'll get it done eventually...

We spent a great, low-key weekend with my SIL in Charlotte last weekend. Got to try 2 new breakfast places in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood - John's and Zada Jane's Corner Cafe. Both were great. Our waitress at John's (Greek-owned breakfast diner) looked just like Julianne Nicholson and was super-sweet. We had super service, and enjoyed our pancakes and grilled biscuits. I was also introduced to their cheeseburger omelette, which is exactly what it sounds like, minus the lettuce, ketchup, and mustard! Zada Jane's also had great pancakes, and we also tried their "Vegless Avenger" - a very clever name for an all-meat omelette. A superhero omelette it was, indeed! The rest of the time, we kind of chilled at her house, did laundry, played Wii, and hung out with her BF and BF's dachshund, Eli. Looking forward to a low-key week ahead, with my next ARE (Mech/Elec) coming up a week from Saturday!


justus said...

hehehe I'm currently going through the RSS feed so while I still do this, I'll be reading your posts =)

(I go through phases of reading the feeds and then phases of not reading it....) Sorry to hear about David's layoff...that makes the 5th person I know who has lost their job!

Erin said...

I didn't realize the demo on the house had started already. Definitely a good thing that D can be there, though I'm sure it was disappointing to be let go. Best of luck with your test! I'll be thinking about you on my way to Orlando.