Monday, October 25, 2010

38 weeks

Well, it's my last week of work for awhile. Although I know it's going to be plenty of long hours at home, I'm still looking forward to it! The spackling of walls in the nursery was finished this weekend, so we just have to paint the upper half, then the furniture moving can be completed. Hopefully the baby will allow me to get things finished up at home next week during my week off before my due date.

I attended my friend Heather's baby shower last weekend - here's an updated shot of the three of us. Heather's about 38 weeks here, and Jennifer and I are about 37 weeks:

We're plannning a "baby eviction party" sometime in the next week to partake of Scalini's famous eggplant parmesan - reported to induce labor. We'll see if it really works. Other than the usual discomfort finding a comfortable sleeping position, swollen hands and feet, a little pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome, and some minor aches and pains, I can't really complain!

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Erin said...

So happy things are going so well for you. Wishing you a swift and uncomplicated delivery!