Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Close call for Nixie

Our Civic, Nixie, had a close call today at my parking deck at work. Co-worker, KZ, drove her old SUV to work, and no sooner had she come in the office to get her cup of coffee, another co-worker came up and said there was a car on fire in the deck. KZ immediately went outside, because she knew that she had parked next to another co-worker's car that was in the description, and sure enough, it was her SUV. Thank goodness no one was hurt, nor was she actually driving the car when it happened! The fire truck came and put out the fire, insurance was called, etc., so that was our excitement for the morning. Nixie was lucky shielded by 4 other cars between her and KZ's car. One co-worker parked right next to her was not so lucky - paint and tire damage on the one side, and who knows what else inside. We will all have a lovely scent in our cars when we get back in them this afternoon, but again, counting my blessings. It would have been our luck to lose Nixie just a few days short of having her for a year!

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