Sunday, March 16, 2008

No bread?!?

DH and I enjoyed lunch after church at La Madeleine today, one of our longtime faves, since we can't go to France whenever we want to. We have probably been eating there since our GT days, so that's at least 14 years+. We ordered, as our usual, an entree to share, and I got some tomato basil soup too. After paying at the cash register, we went to get our drinks at the beverage station, and I turned to get the usual complimentary bread (because the soup is so much better with the bread!), and there was none. I asked a server behind the coffee station about it, and they confirmed that yes, they no longer serve the bread. (Of course, DH pointed out that I could have bought a little baguette back at the food counter, but this is beside the point...) Where is my complimentary bread?!? I had to send an online comment to La Madeleine asking if this was a store-by-store occurrance, or if all locations where changing to this policy. What's a French restauraut without complimentary bread?

BTW, we did have a wonderful dinner at Cyndi's tonight - the corned beef and cabbage was well worth the wait.

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