Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fitness blast!

Since DH and I joined the GT CRC this year, we've only checked out the fitness machines area and the indoor running track. CRC sponsored a "Spring Break Blast" today, and basically did a "sampler" of their major cardio classes so you could get a taste of what's available and see what you might like to take. We arrived just after work in time to catch the end of the warm-up, and proceeded with 3 20-minute sessions of three different classes. First was step aerobics, which included using the step and stretchy bands. Really liked it (although the lunges really kicked my butt) and DH liked it too. Next was the slightly more relaxing (but still hard!) power yoga. The instructor went through some basic positions, and kept rotating them to keep your heart rate up. Here, my weakness was lack of flexibility, but I am sure if I kept doing some sort of yoga, that would help. And third was kickboxing, which was sort of like the step aerobics, but without the step and more punching action. Liked it pretty well, but felt the instructor wasn't as good at giving directions and dictating steps as well. Overall, I liked step aerobics the best. Although, if they offered a "sampler" class every week, I think that would be pretty cool too. I believe after GT spring break, the classes are pro-rated at half the cost for the semester, but I may just wait until summer to sign up for something. They were also doing drawings between each set, and DH won a free class either this spring or summer! I might be the one actually using it...

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