Sunday, March 9, 2008

Relaxing weekend

Wow, it has been a nice weekend for once! It's the first weekend I have not worked in probably a month, so it's been nice to lounge, get laundry done, visit with some friends.

Yesterday we went to visit my friend Val (who hosts the Oscar party we always go to) - she had her gall bladder removed on Friday, and was at home recovering. We were more there to entertain her and her hubby Tim, who had not done much of anything because of tending to Val the last two days. Anyway, we were able to put a few more Oscar-nominated films under our belts - we watched Once and Michael Clayton. Really enjoyed Once, and liked both films in general. We were also treated to Death Proof, which all I will say is that it was very Tarantino. Then we entertained Val by playing Wii and she had to not watch some parts because laughing made her tummy hurt! :) I was on the DL, being that I gave myself Wii-shoulder trying to improve on Wii tennis on Friday.

Today I went to a very nice baby shower for my friend Jenn. The food, a bunch made by Melissa Jo's DH (she was the co-host), Fireball (yes, that is his nickname), was DE-LISH! He made lasagna, quiches, 3 cheesecakes (the ambrosia cheesecake was YUMMY!), and all was excellent. I swear he could make a living as a caterer. No wonder Melissa Jo married him! :) Maybe chemists make good chefs in general? Also I was finally able to do some pruning around the yard, since I was home while there was still daylight! Our camellia bushes are blooming like crazy right now.

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