Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend round-up

Let's see...what did I do this weekend?

Saturday - Spent late morning/early afternoon with some friends at the High. Saw the current Louvre exhibit (mostly Egyptian collection), Georgia O'Keefe again, and other random stuff in the permanent gallery. Had a lot of fun with our friends and had a late lunch after at Vickery's. Late afternoon and evening were spent at work, finishing up getting some files posted for our current overseas job.

Sunday - Made some yummy waffles and bacon for breakfast. I think I have this recipe down now that I've made it twice. I did take some photos, but the pics don't do them justice, so you'll just have to imagine them melting in your mouth... Spent the afternoon weeding wild violets out of the center bed of my front yard (ugh), picking up all the bridesmaid dresses for Cyndi's wedding (yay - but all except mine, b/c one of the buttons was missing its fabric cover, which they're fixing this week), taking photos of all the blooming stuff in our yard, and now, getting ready to make some dinner. Then more studying for Site Planning! Enjoy the pics.

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