Saturday, October 11, 2008

If a tree falls in a driveway in the middle of the night...

...does anyone hear it?

First let me say that an *entire* tree did not fall on our driveway, but more like 1/3 of a tree - a very large branch. Secondly, I did hear it fall, because I was up after getting home from the Thrashers game uploading photos from our Seattle trip back in July because Snapfish has a 50-prints-for-50-cents sale going on, and I wanted to get some printed. This was probably around 2 am. I heard something large and heavy sounding fall down in our front yard - like the sound of a large log being dropped on the ground. Being so dark out and sorta freaking out like somebody might be outside, I just stopped typing and listened, and didn't hear anything further, so figured we would check it out in the morning. The cat did wake from a dead sleep and ran to the window to look out. I don't know that he could actually see anything, since it was actually in the driveway on the side of our house, not in the front yard. This is what we saw when we looked out of our upstairs hall bathroom window this morning:

I think it's manageable...we just need to give ourselves some time to cut some smaller branches off and maybe drag it parallel to the bushes to get our cars out today.


Erin said...

Wow! Glad you don't park in the driveway. Hope you can move it yourselves.

Id said...

I already sawed off all of the branches, and moved the main trunk to the edge, but yes, it is very heavy. I'm pretty sure we'll need to cut down the whole tree.