Friday, October 31, 2008

The Three-hour Tour

DH and I decided to leave work a little early yesterday evening to try and get to an advanced voting location and get in our votes before Tuesday. The Galleria appeared to be the shortest line of the six Cobb locations all week, so that's where we headed. Little did we know that we would be on a three-hour tour of the Galleria! We zig-zagged back and forth outside, then back and forth inside the doors to the old movie theater (which was honestly probably the last time DH and I had been there, back when it was still the AMC), then around the center atrium, around the glassmaker's booth, back around the escalator, then finally through a bank-like line in one of the storefronts to the computer check-in, then to our final destination, one of 30 (thankfully all working) electronic poll booths! I will say that I was very thankful over two-thirds of the line was indoors, as it was getting chilly outside. And the poll workers were all pleasant, the people next to us in line were fun to talk to (we decided about halfway through that the best time to get in line will probably be 5 pm Friday, since most parents will probably be home with trick-or-treating kids), and Jocks and Jills was even offering hot chocolate with whipped cream! We got in line at 5:24 pm, got outside from the poll booths at 8:19. Almost exactly 3 hours. At least I won't have to stand in line like this for another 4 years... GO VOTE!

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