Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New 'do

After getting my hair really chopped at the beginning of September, it finally started feeling like it was growing out all of the sudden this last week! The back had gotten to the point where it was getting longer than the front, jamming into the back of my neck or collar when I tilted my head back (threatening to be a baby mullet), and just getting plain shaggy. So in honor of Election Day (and there being an opening with my stylist), I went in for a haircut this evening. I had originally wanted a graduated bob when I got my hair chopped, but I think Robbi thought it might be too much of a shock since I was already getting about 11 inches chopped, so she tried to be on the conservative side. Well, I have to say that she outdid herself tonight, as I am loving my cut, and hope it stays like this for awhile!

Camera update - just checked tracking and it looks like if all goes well, the camera should be coming to me at work tomorrow!! I am SoooOOOooo excited!!

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