Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ARE #7 scheduled!

General Structures has been scheduled for 4/25! This gives me time to make it through our anniversary, Easter, Tax Day (why did we decide to get married the week before taxes are due??), a project deadline at work, and *before* my birthday. It also gives me about 6 weeks to study, and since a lot of the Lateral Forces material is intertwined with GS, it allows me to get through all of the material (okay, ideally), and then schedule LF for a week or two after this one. Then all I will have left is Pre-Design! I'm still waiting on results from ARE #5 and #6 (which I just took, but I should be getting results in 2-4 weeks).

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justus said...

hey! Good luck with all looks like we may well just hunker down in Houston and start taking the ARE's...we'll see! Oh and for what its worth, I ended up getting the D40...I like the nikon (as opposed to canon) in the hand better and I decided to get in cheap just in case if this photography thing is just a temporary hobby =)