Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do you know your U.S. History?

My coworker, Milvia, is taking her citizenship test tomorrow to become a naturalized citizen, and will hopefully be taking her oath of citizenship tomorrow afternoon! I am so excited for her! I guess my parents went through all of this in some form, either before I was born or very young, but it has been interesting to learn about the process through her. I've been helping her with her history questions for the citizenship test that she will be taking orally tomorrow morning - they will only ask 10 out of a possible 100 questions that they are to be prepared for. I remember most of this from school, but, admittedly, there were some I either didn't know or had long passed from memory so I could make room for other useless bits of trivia (like stuff for my AREs - haha!). Milvia is a champ - she's learned it all like the back of her hand, and I am confident she's going to do great. Take a look at the Civics Questions, and see how many you remember!

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