Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ides of March

Today is the day DH and I celebrate Thoth's birthday - isn't the ides of March befitting to a black cat? Anyway, our beastie boy is about 7 years old now, 13 lbs. He spent the day napping, getting extra treats, and an outing outside to eat his favorite - fresh fescue. Here are some pics of my two boys out in the front yard. (And no, DH is *NOT* choking the kitty in the bottom left one!) If he were the cuddling type, he might have spent some time in front of the TV with me watching NCAA basketball today, but he chose instead to indulge in Kitty TV (aka the Window) getting in some good bird observation time. We had a good bit of rain this weekend, but the trees are budding and the birds are aflutter. Looking forward to Spring!
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