Monday, May 4, 2009

Adventures in Golfing - Lesson 1

I had my first-ever golf lesson on Saturday, with three more to go. I'm taking them with a group of women through AIA netWorking Women, a committee within AIA Atlanta that promotes teamwork and relationships between architects, designers, and partners in allied professions. The lessons are being held at Celebrity Golf Club in Tucker, and our instructor is Jeanne Dooley, whom I liked very much. In our first class, we learned about width of stance, body position, basic grip, arc of the swing, and practiced hitting with a mini swing. The hardest part was keeping the stance, body position, and mini swing in balance while standing on a half-round foam log! My lower back and rear were not surprising a little sore yesterday. Time to start working out those muscles, since I'll be using them the next few weeks. Next week, we work more on the swing and also talk about the mental game. Stay tuned!

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