Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ARE #8 scheduled!

I've scheduled ARE #8 for 6/1. I was not wanting to study during my vacation time in mid-May, but ARE #7 prompted a small change in strategy for my test-taking. Since my feeling after General Structures was the worst of all the ones I have taken (you come out of these having no idea how you did, and like you've been whacked about the head for a couple of hours with some boxing gloves), I've decided to wait on my results before taking Lateral Forces (essentially part 2 of Structures). Normally one would want to take these back-to-back, since the material is related. If I passed GS, then I will take LF in late June. If I did not, then I'll have to retake Structures under the new 4.0 format in 6 months, which combines GS and LF, and that would render me taking LF useless whether I pass it or not in the current test format. Anyway, all I can do is wait on the results, and in the meantime digest as much Pre-design information (probably the most scattered and comprehensive of all the tests) as possible. Maybe being on a relaxing, do-nothing, beach vacation will actually help me get more studying done! Here's hoping...

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