Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sublime revisited

We made another stop by Sublime Doughnuts on the way to work this morning. DH has more of a descriptive review of the place the first time we went last week. Today, I tried two of the day-old doughnuts, which are buy-one-get-one-free: a S'mores doughnut (choc icing w/graham cracker crumb dusting and marshmellow in the center) and a Yin Yang twist (twist of regular and chocolate dough). Both were good cold, and after a 10-sec zap in the microwave at work, they were even tastier. Still did not beat the fresh strawberries n cream one I had last week, though. DH tried the honey glazed cinnamon twist, and it was very delicious! Not sure if he would rate it better than the caramel apple fritter he had last week, but I think they were both his kind of doughnuts. This place is going to be dangerous, as it is on the way to work...

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