Thursday, November 15, 2007

Escape Artist

Here's Thoth, looking to escape out the front door again. David and I were cleaning house this evening, taking things outside to dust off, etc., and of course Thoth had to take the opportunity to sneak out the front storm door (not latched all the way) and wander out into the darkness (and wetness - it actually showered a little this evening!) without his reflective collar on, of course. Guilty as charged! Luckily he is not very good at "running away" from home, and we found him in our next door neighbor's yard.

We're visiting Jennifer in Charlotte this weekend, meeting her tomorrow night in Greenville to catch two bands that we like very much, playing at The Handlebar - Mad Tea Party and Asylum Street Spankers! Yay!


Erin said...

He looks so pitiful. "But Ma, I just want to go outside to play!" LOL

Ina said...

You should see when he looks up at you and meows pitifully - it really adds to the whole effect!