Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wire Wrapping

Thought I'd show off two of the wire wrapping pieces that I have made. I learned how to make these two bracelets at classes held at Bead Bayou, a bead shop up in Cumming, GA, that I discovered through my friend Val, who is extremely crafty and actually showing some of her jewelry at a friend's art gallery this holiday season. They were both not to difficult to make, as the pattern was repetitive on both and once you got started were easy to move along. I had fun making them, and even made the first one again for my sister's graduation gift!

Canstruction build-out went well this evening. David and I were able to help construct Master Shake and Frylock before giving up our shifts to other teammates. I'll post a final picture of our masterpiece after we attend the award gala tomorrow night. Keep your fingers crossed that it stays standing tonight for the judging tomorrow morning!

1 comment:

Brian said...

Those are so beautiful, Ina! Great work!!
-AnneMarie :0)