Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Brrr! It's starting to get cold here and the temperature is supposed to drop to "unseasaonable" freezing temps tonight. I am really starting to miss Hawaii now! In talking with my cousin's in-laws who live in Oahu, I was surprised to learn that it never gets hotter than 95 degrees there, year round. Must be nice. Here's a nice photo that my sister took of me and David at my cousin's wedding with the sunset. (Ignore the ugly fence.) Really missing that weather!

Speaking of weather, here's the nerdy bit of info for the day. We had a Lunch 'N Learn with Owens Corning about their rigid insulation today and they told us about a handy calculator online if you ever need to calculate the R-value of a metal stud wall with insulation assembly - cool tool for us architect-types - check out this
Oak Ridge National Laboratory site. Okay, enough of the nerdy stuff.

Build-out for Canstruction is tomorrow night, and I am very excited! Look out for the final photo on Friday...

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