Sunday, June 29, 2008


As I have worked about 70 hours this past week, a lot of it waiting on large files to download, upload, etc., for this enormous project that we are doing at work, I haven't had much spare time to do anything interesting other than buy toilet paper and kitty litter from Target. (Exciting, I know.) As I twiddle my thumbs waiting on my computer, I recalled a funny happening from about 2 months ago as I was visiting a small town in Georgia with my project manager to discuss a new state patrol post with a bunch of state troopers. As the custom in many small towns (at least in Georgia, I think), lunchtime eventually rolls around and it's time to get something to eat. The local Ryan's buffet apparently is the place to go, since everyone should be able to find something that they will eat there. As PM and I get seated, accompanied by, oh, say at least 5 troopers in uniform, the waitress comes by with our yeast rolls and invites us to "go on up and help yourself to the buffet." Some of the guys had already gotten a salad, so as I get up, I habitually take my purse with me. This is something Mom taught me, and of course living in the big city you have to take your purse with you if get up to go anywhere. I get my first plate, sit back down, and PM leans over and jokes that my purse would probably have been okay for the 5 minutes I was up, being that it was surrounded by 5 uniforms. I sheepishly say, yes, he's probably right, but it's habit. Some of the troopers overheard and we had a good laugh about it. :) That's my story for the day. Next weekend should be much more exciting, as my parents and SIL and her boyfriend will be in town for the 4th. And DH will be running the Peachtree!

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