Sunday, June 8, 2008

Two-movie Weekend

I had a rare two-movie weekend this weekend! Friday night, I went to see Sex in the City with some TBS alums. Although I was never an outright fan (being that we still do not have cable) but have seen a few of the re-runs on TBS (enough to know the main characters and their personalities), I really enjoyed the movie! I didn't go into it with any expectations, but I have to say that it had me teared up starting in the middle and on and off until the end! It just felt like I was watching a long episode. Anyway, I reco seeing it, and it is a great group chick flick! On Saturday, after spending the (HOT) morning outside at the Va-Hi Summerfest, we ducked into Tara to escape the afternoon heat with friends Val, Tim and Jimmy and saw Young @ Heart. It was a great documentary about a fun senior chorus group that sang rock and roll songs. It made me laugh and cry as well. Probably between the two, it was the most that I've laughed and cried in a single weekend ever. Also reco seeing that one, if you have a theatre around that's showing it.

On a side note, I STILL have not gotten back my test results from my 4/26 ARE - they say the conversions should be done by June 11, so I hope to hear sometime this week. I don't think I can schedule another one until I find out which test version track I am to take. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Lena said...

Thought sex & the city was great too! Got really choked up during the brooklyn bridge scene. I believe Young at Heart was actually filmed up here in MA, in or around northampton. Haven't actually seen it yet though