Monday, August 18, 2008

Dairy King

Thoth seems to have a dairy radar. I guess most cats would just call it a keen sense of smell. But whenever DH or I get any type of dairy product out of the fridge, like vanilla ice cream or a glass of milk, he becomes a stalker. I am impressed because sometimes he comes out of a nap in the woodwork to a glass of milk. And how in the world does he know it's a glass of milk and not OJ? Anyway, those that know Thoth know that he's not much of a lap cat and is usually only motivated to be petted more than once if it involves treats or his wet food in the evening. He will follow us to wherever we are going and proceed to stare at us (or shall I say the container with the dairy product), licking lips, and looking generally hopeful. Being the softies we are, he usually gets to lick what is left in the container. Not much. My sis gave me a great Dr. Seuss mug for Christmas last year. What's great about it is that it has a big diameter opening. This makes putting the cat head WAYYY down to the bottom of the mug possible. Now this is what I have been *trying* to capture in a photo, but my camera has not been cooperative (flash is WAY too slow), so here are other pics that should suffice to illustrate in the meantime. One day I'll have that Nikon D80 that can take a couple of shots per second!

As an aside, I learned today that trampolining is an Olympic sport! You can seriously get a medal for jumping on a trampoline? Huh? (Yes, I know that they are truly better athletes, than me!)

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