Friday, August 8, 2008

WIPs - part 2

So here are the little projects I am working on. The first one up there that Thoth is helping me with is a baby blanket. The numbers side is cotton, the green side with bugs is flannel. That was when I had pinned the sandwich together, and last night I was able to quilt it all together, so all that is left is the blanket binding, which will be yellow. The bottom three are from the Debbie Mumm Noah's Ark of Animals fabric panel book. I ended up putting some batting into the cover section, but just interfacing for the inside pages. These are sewn and turned right-side-out, but I still need to whipstitch the openings closed from turning them out. I'll get finished pics of the blanket up this weekend. Looking forward to my showers tomorrow - I hope the recipients like their gifts. And happy 8-8-8 day! I can finish up my projects while watching the Opening Ceremonies tonight!

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