Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WIPs and UFOs

So my crafty friends are familiar with these terms: WIP - works in progress, UFO - unfinished objects. They refer to those oh-so-exciting projects that you pick up, only to find yourself perhaps a little less interested the next week, then forgetting about it on and off the next week, then it gets under a pile of other stuff and it's left your mind completely. I decided about a month ago that I had several showers coming up and somehow decided to make gifts for all three. One is a wedding present that I am not going to reveal much about just yet (even though the wedding happened two weeks ago and they are currently on a plane to Denmark), but they already know that it is going to make it to them via airmail. I will say that I am very excited about how it is turning out, and friend's former roommate saw it and approved of my work so far. I started it about a month ago, and have finished everything but the border, so I will post pictures of it once they get it in the mail. The other two are baby shower projects - one blanket and one fabric panel book. Hope to get them both done by Saturday, as both showers are on Saturday! Ha! So hopefully these WIPs won't become UFOs...

In other news, our downstairs room continues to dry out. The dehumidifier we bought last week is working like a champ. We cleaned up more gutters last weekend and did more work in the yard, so hopefully that helps improve the yard drainage if more showers pop up this week. Two waterproofing contractors have come out and priced the work within $50 of each other - amazingly close estimates! So I hope we'll get this taken care of this month. Also, a old Tech friend and an aunt of above newly-wedded-moving-to-Denmark friend have both been diagnosed with cancer in the last week, so my thoughts and prayers are with both of them as they begin their treatments.

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