Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nap Cat

It's a cloudy in Atlanta, threatening rain for the last 2 days thanks to Fay, but still no rain here in Marietta. The lack of sun has made it feel like an especially lazy day, yet with much to do! I went by the Marietta Square Farmer's Market this morning - next Saturday is the last market of the season, so I am sad to see it ending so soon. I love that the prices are so much better than the supermarkets. Thoth is napping in the middle of our guest bed as I type (that's him perking up a little when I sat on the bed to take a photo) - it is best to let sleeping kitties lie.

I am so glad that NBC finally showed something besides swimming and track - as amazing as they are to watch, I was really hoping to see some soccer, table tennis (which I finally saw the last 2 games of the women's singles gold medal match this afternoon!), and other sports. They did show the finals for sychronized swimming today, so that was something different. Hard to believe the closing ceremonies are tomorrow night!

So excited to finally see some of Cyndi and Matt's wedding photos online from their wedding photographer, Kristi. Here's a link to her blog: That means all the photos are soon to follow - YAY! C&M should have returned to Denmark from their two week honeymoon in Italy yesterday, so looking forward to hearing about their adventures.

DH and I will be going to the GT Football Kick-off Banquet tonight, so maybe I'll have a picture of me and Buzz to post tomorrow!

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