Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dining al fresco

Yesterday DH was as sick as can be, so he stayed home from work. I went to work because I had a deadline. Got deadline finished around 6 pm and headed to GT for a short workout. Finished workout, but on the way out got herded into the back hallway of CRC due to a tornado warning. Stayed corralled for about 20 min (it did look dark, scary, and lots of lighting outside). Finally got out and talked to DH on the phone on the way home. DH said power was out at the house, so get something for dinner that doesn't require cooking. Went by Publix, picked up a rotisserie chicken, bread, tomato, basil and potato salad. Got home, parked our camping chairs on the front porch, and dined al fresco so we could see what we were eating. Felt bad for leaving cat that desparately wants to be outside inside while we dined outside, so we hooked him up to his leash and extra line, tied it to one of our stand-up sprinkler pipes, and watched him eat grass as we ate. It was an interesting evening, but I needed the sleep, so the power outage did let me go to bed early (really, on time) for the first time this week!

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