Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Clothing Conspiracy

I'm going to vent today about the clothing conspiracy that I have been complaining about for years. I've been trying to find a new spring dress this year (like, starting before Easter, which was freakin' early this year, so that's what, going on 3 months, now?), with not a cent of luck. On top of all the clothing companies trying to make larger sized Americans feel better about themselves by labeling clothes 2 sizes smaller than they should be, they're reeling in the big bucks as us ladies are fainting over the fact that "Wow, I used to be a size 10, but now I fit in a size 6! I'll take 3 of these!" It's frustrating and annoying for me, especially since I don't really like shopping for clothes, and this now means depending on the label, I have to try 2-3 sizes of EACH thing on, to figure out what size I wear in that particular item. Being a sewer, I know that in old-fashioned dressmaker sizes, I typically run a size 8 or 10 depending on what measurements need to fit (my waist is usually the culprit). Now in stores, I have tried on everything from a size 2 to a size 6. And make that petite, also. So in doing some intense speed shopping tonight, I found a great deal on a nice dress ($30, originally like $120), which was labeled a size 2 and fit perfectly, yet another size 4 dress that I tried on was too tight! And then two pairs of dress pants (note - both were from the same store and same label) - one fit in 4P, the other in 6P. Not that I am complaining about my size, but if only my shopping experience could be more consistent and definitely more expeditious! Good grief! Okay, end of my rant. To end on a nicer note, I am happy to have found some great bargains tonight, including some super cute polka-dotted ballet flats - thankfully shoe sizes have been pretty consistent!

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