Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Many random thoughts

There are many random thoughts floating in my head today, so instead of trying to type some organized paragraphs, I am just going to write stream of consciousness what's on my mind today...

I can't believe my cousin Ahn got a tattoo! But I just saw photos of it on Facebook and it looks pretty cool. My uncle (his dad) wrote their last name in Chinese calligraphy for him, and that's the tattoo.

In cleaning up the yard for more impending rain this week (we had a little flooding in our garage/downstairs room from the heavy but short rains on Friday night), I discovered that my blue hydrangeas in the far, back corner of our back yard, are indeed blooming! After the drought last summer and the freeze early spring, I was afraid they were done in. But here's a photo to prove it!

DH is leaving for a night tomorrow to take more field measurements in the happenin' Warner Robins base again - just me and the kitty tomorrow night!

I am happy to have helped Cyndi pick out a new refrigerator yesterday after hers died on Sunday. Luckily the Memorial Day sales were still going on. So now I at least have a little research done in case our dies sometime soon.

DS called tonight - I am happy that she had a great vacation in Spain and glad that she enjoyed it alone without incident and relieved that she made it back A-OK. Now looking forward to seeing those 800+ photos that she took! What did we do before digital??

Getting ready to host Cyndi's bridal shower and bachelorette activities this weekend. Looking forward to a short work week and a fun girls' weekend!

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