Friday, May 16, 2008

The Executive

DH sent me an article today about the ASPCA using a new scientific approach to matching up adoptable dogs and cats with adopters, called the Meet Your Match program. Cats and dogs are observed and assigned a color based on the points that they score. Adopters also take a short survey to assess the personality of the animal that they are looking for and their household situation. The two are matched up. They're called the Feline-ality and Canine-ality tests. I quote from the ASPCA site: "shelters testing the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match™ Program found a 40- to 45-percent increase in adoptions and a 45- to 50-percent decrease in returns and euthanasia. Amazing stats!" That IS amazing!

So I read the descriptions of the Feline-alities - I believe our DC (dear cat) falls under "The Executive": Tell me if you agree!

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nickyfc said...

That is one gorgeous cat! I love black cats