Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday adventures

It was a busy but fun Saturday. We got up (relatively) early and stopped by Marietta Square for opening weekend of the Farmers Market for the summer. Bought some corn and bell peppers. Walked through some of the Arts Festival, but plan to stop back by tomorrow when we have more time. Met friends for Dim Sum at an old place but in a new location, Happy Valley Seafood, which was okay - probably back to our usual place next time. Better yet was getting to see Dan & Jen and brand new baby Sebastian, who is quite the cutie at only 13 days old! Post Dim Sum, we had a movie outing to see Iron Man, which was very good and I think everyone should go see it. Make sure you stay through the credits for the little bonus at the end. Now we're making dinner, watching the cat run from window to window to enjoy the afternoon breeze and birdwatch, and I am setting down to do a little studying. A nice Saturday all around.

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